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I thought this was really cool! Very short but very cool!


Thank you for playing. This game was made at game jam so time limitation didnt allow us to make more. But we will continue to expand on this project :D


Yeah I guessed that was the case! Very excited to hear that you plan to expand post Jam! Can't wait to play more! Best of luck! 


start @1:00

i love the aesthetic of this game but i did not even get the serum for whoever was on the phone.

so like idk man i think the serum was important 

It was :D such a shame we didn't manage to create formula for it on jam :D


I think the ending may be a little too sudden.

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Hello Alanerd, thanks for playing and thank you for the video!

Yes, the ending is sudden, and the reason is simply we didn't have enough time in the 48 hour jam :(
The game was submitted 3 minutes before the deadline and we could only cram so much in it.



Hey that was really slick. The art and music really came together to give this some great atmosphere. When I finished the game, I thought that I had died or something... I didn't realize it was so short. Very nice!

Thank you very much for playing. And commwnts :D


The game is really fun. Story and design are very interesting - can't wait to see what happens next :) good job! :D

Hey thanks :D

I dunno what's going on probably my connection or something but I can't do long does it take to play the game?

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Hi the game lasts for 3-5 minutes. Please try refreshing the page. Sometimes unity webgl loses focus of the window. If it doesn't work there is zip file for you to download and play. Good luck :)

Hello its Indra,the game is cool and very fun!


Cool game!